In response to “atomatom” the European Parliament creates a powerful army – adopted an important document

Constant muscle-flexing and provocation of the Russian military on land, in the air and on the sea has brought results: the European Parliament supported the resolution on strengthening the centralization of the EU, the creation of the post of the Minister of Finance of the EU and a common European army.

The initiator of the document was made by the former Prime Minister
Belgium, who oversaw the negotiation process for Brexit, guy Verhofstadt, reports “Диалог.UA”.

The resolution was supported by 283 MEP.

In fact, the document provides for restrictions or complete
the liquidation rights of the countries-EU members not to comply with collective decisions.

The creation of a single army due to the destabilization of the world
the procedure and the possible aggression of third countries.

Earlier the Polish foreign Ministry has suggested, cities will punish the Kremlin for the occupation of Donbass. By the way, to the end of februarius may expand sanctions on the Yanukovych and 15 officials.