Fedorchuk: “Gradually gaining their condition”

“Every match at the training camp hard, because playing on the background loads. But this is a normal process, because the preparations for the resumption of the official part of the season. We don’t look at opponents, because we have our own training plan, which we try to adhere to”, — quotes Fedorchuk official website of Dynamo.

Yesterday Dinamo in friendly match beat Hobro (2:1).

“Good that we scored, and there is no difference when it was done. We work in order to win and a positive result, no doubt, also adds confidence in their abilities”.

“This is the last game at the training camp, and even if no strength, you still need to run and get their rivals, regardless of the last minute of it or at first – now you have to play on the same level.”

Fedorchuk long period of time missed due to injury. Only recently, Valery started full trainings and started to play friendlies.

“Gradually gaining his fitness. Can’t say that is 100% ready, but the second camp I worked in the General group and got the maximum load in the training process and in games. I hope soon will come a time when I can forget about all their problems.”

“It is very good that the opponents at the training camp have such resistance, because in the championship a lot of teams that like to impose the struggle. Because of this, probably, and picked us turn to due to these friendlies we are well prepared for the official matches”.

25 Feb Dynamo in the away match against Dawn in the framework of the 19th round of the Premier League.