Ex-zamgenseka the NATO: Russia and its militants “LDNR” continue the aggression in the Donbas – the U.S. Congress should give lethal weapons to Ukraine

Former zamgenseka the NATO research fellow, Centre Brent Scowcroft on international security (Atlantic Council) Alexander Vershbow said that Washington should help Ukraine with weapons to fight with the Russian aggressor.

The Ukrainian authorities is extremely difficult to build democracy in a situation of armed confrontation hybrid Russian army in the Donbas. This opinion was expressed by the former permanent under Secretary of NATO Alexander Vershbow.

“It is imperative that Ukraine was provided with the assistance necessary to promote democracy and overcome the post-Soviet heritage,” he said.

According to him, the USA was the leader in this matter, as both parties in Congress provided strong support for Kiev.

“Ukraine deserves the continued support of political, economic and military support, including lethal military aid, while Russia and its separatist proxies-forces continue their aggression in Eastern Ukraine — a conflict that claimed the lives of 10 thousand citizens of Ukraine,” Vershbow concluded.

We will remind,General, U.S. air force General Breedlove also called Washingtonat Ukraine lethal weapons.