Dovgy: “we Need to be on the field Professor.”

“The match against Pakhtakor? Sparring was very interesting, because Pakhtakor is a team with a great name. At the time, she thundered for the entire Union. We the time did not catch, but the coach brought to us that this team has a great tradition, and there are many collections of his country. Therefore, we tested their knowledge on the background of a very skilled opponent. Perhaps that match was prior to lunch was unusual, and the body not really embraced this game, but it is quite interesting and will front its analysis – let’s see what we got, and what is not. I think that this opponent was one of the most challenging on these two charges,” the midfielder began.

“The Steel is ready for the season? It is difficult to say, yet there is still time before the first match of the championship, but I think for this game we’ll be in supermaximum conditions. So at the moment I see no reason to talk about it as a percentage. The coaching staff is better versed in this, and we’re just doing their job. They certainly know what they’re doing, so I’m sure the first game will come in optimal condition”.

“Kuchuk? First impression is that everything has changed dramatically. Initially, it was so much information that almost head started to boil. We were shown different tactics and schemes. Coach requires not just play soccer kicks, and head, and not just to kick the ball, but to think a head on the field. You need to be on the field a Professor, that is, the first working head, and then everything else. After all, if the head does not know what to do, then the legs will have to harness”.

“And the training process is very interestingly constructed. Like, it seems that heavy load, but they transferred quite normal, because everything seems new and is perceived with interest. Plus the coaching staff for all monitors. I personally first encountered the sensors. They completely monitor our physical condition and no problem for someone to drive. On the contrary the coaches see everything and then tell you who you need to add and who to suspend Vice versa”.

“I can say that I really miss football. And if you recall, when I last played 90 minutes so it was back in August. Almost six months have passed. And I hope everything that bothered me about the injury goes, I forget about it. And this year will be much better, more interesting and productive than the last one”.

“While we still have theoretical chances to fight for the top six, we will fight for it. Everything depends on us, we’re going to do. And as there is already going to happen next – we will see. Every game for us will be like the last one. For each match we will go only with the expectation of three points,” concluded long.