Srna: “In Celta allocate a very powerful striker of Aspasa”

“Winning the LE? We have a new coach, players, rules and tactics. In my opinion, the current Shakhtar team with the highest potential over the last 13 years”, — said the captain of the Miners in an interview with Marca.

“Celta? They are a strong team. Reminds of the operating winner of League of Europe. We will not be easy. Celta won Barcelona, Madrid. We respect the opponent and know that it will be difficult, but they also”.

“Who would have said? In Celta allocate a very powerful striker of Aspasa that scores a lot of goals. Also Spanish people have a strong defence. For the first time in my life I happen to meet up with a team that closes down to ten men on the pitch. It will be interesting to watch this” — said Srna.