Financial Times: “Putin is pumped into the Kremlin because of this news” – in Congress, States have taken the first step to take away the powers of the trump to cancel the sanctions against the Kremlin

American economic newspaper Financial Times today, 15 February, said that in the U.S. Congress – the Federal legislative body of the country – have been significant for the Ukraine bill, which will be able to select the representatives of the administration of the leader of America Donald trump right to cancel sanctions against the Russian Federation.

According to foreign publications, the document was submitted by a coalition of “Republican” and “democratic” legislators for consideration of both Houses of representatives of the United States of America.

“This is an important and serious issue of our national security,” said the Congressman from the “Democratic party” Steni Hoyer.

The politician said he hoped that representatives of both houses of Congress would react positively to Vvedenie veto on the decision of trump.

Social media users in America, laugh that “Putin probably is pumped into the Kremlin because of this news.”

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” informed thatin the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump already want to ban the Trump to lift the sanctions for the Russian Federation.