Russia “officially” declared an information war on Belarus: “This is your President Lukashenka is to blame for the conflict in the Donbass!” in

The Kremlin began a new round of information warfare against their neighbors, the Belarusians. This time, the Russian side accuses Lukashenko in fuel supplies to Eastern Ukraine, without which the alleged war did not have to.

17 February
Higher school of Economics on the so-called scientific seminar on the theme “Belarusian
economy: yesterday, today, tomorrow” in the past, the assistant Dean of the HSE
Andrei Suzdaltsev said that between Moscow and Minsk of today, no trust, reports
“Dialogue UA”.

“Without the support of Belarus, without supplies in Belarus
zone “ATO” diesel fuel there would be no war. It Is Lukashenko
organized war the supply of its fuel there. It’s on his conscience,” said Suzdaltsev.

what is the position of this Russian “scientist”
published the official Russian media, including Kremlin
information resource. This suggests that such boorish expressions in
Belarus sanctioned by the directly highest leadership of the Russian Federation.

According to the same Suzdaltseva position
Minsk Crimea irritating, despite Russian support
the UN vote.

“On the Belarusian TV in the Studio sits the Minister of information
Liliya Ananich. We are talking about the reburial of buried in Yalta Belarusian
poet, Ananich says that “our poet
he was buried on a piece of Ukrainian land”. Well
what kind of Alliance can be said? “—outraged
the Russian “expert”.

Suzdaltsev reminded Belarusians that Minsk immediately after the Euromaidan and the flight
Yanukovych recognized the government of Turchinov. He also complained that after this
Ukraine was handed a map of all Russian military facilities on
the territory of Belarus.

“Belarus supplied Ukraine trucks and chassis MAZ.
There are unconfirmed reports that the Belarusian enterprises in 2015
participated in the repair of damaged Ukrainian military equipment. But most importantly
is that diesel fuel, which fueled APU is fuel
of Belarusian origin” — drew
the attention of the Russian, the enemy of Ukraine and Belarus.

“Belarus really makes this war.
The Ukrainian crisis was very beneficial for Minsk. For Lukashenka the main question
— the question of money. In particular, Belarusian products are supplied to
the Ukrainian market is in the “DNR” and “LNR”, which is full of Belarusian products. As in the Crimea.
Lukashenka makes money. And where to get the money, he doesn’t have care,” — says Suzdaltsev.

way may be noted: Russians are looking for a reason to after the occupation of
To attack Ukraine and Belarus, Lukashenko accused in the war in the Donbass, though
Moscow has unleashed her.

Recall that in
Minsk “angry Belarusians” protested against
decree on parasitism.

As previously
it was reported that Russia pulls
troops to the border with Belarus – Minsk fears of a military invasion of the Russians
on the territory of the country.