MH17 disaster: Russia trying to hide from responsibility and handed over to the Netherlands fake pictures from the radar?

The Prosecutor’s office of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is in serious perplexity: images from the radar, provided by the Russian Federation on the case of downed in 2014, flight MH17, obtained the government in a very unusual format. At the moment the Dutch side could not determine whether they are really genuine.

About it reports “112

It is noted that
The Netherlands were asked to send pictures in ASTERIX format, which uses the entire
the world, however Russia did not agree. In the end, the materials sent by Moscow
had to be adapted to the desired format. And, despite the fact that the Russian
side gave the appropriate software, the investigation has any
serious problems with interpretation of materials.

In the end, decided that
in the Russian Federation will be sent a new query, and the Dutch have already ordered an external

These images
Russia gave Holland 27 Oct 2016.

By the way, 28
September 2016 on the results of the MH17 disaster in the Netherlands was held
the briefing, which journalists were told that the plane was shot down by a SAM “Buk”
already after the disaster, July 18, was evacuated on the territory of the Russian
Federation. The shot fired from a field near Pervomayskiy, which is
near Torez and Snow.

We will remind, earlier
the investigation became known for more than 100 names involved in the crash
Malaysian Boeing-777 flight MH17.