Israelian: Steel by far is the stadium in Kamenskoye

It is worth noting that the home stadium of the Steelers does not meet the standards of the Premier League (insufficient number of seats in the stands), so as from summer 2015 they hold their home matches at the Dnipro meteor.

We will remind that earlier the current President of Steel confirmed that the Steelworkers href=””.

However, the reconstruction Kamensky Metallurgist begun by the previous management of the club in 2015, is still ongoing, and a specific date no one calls.

“We have not had the opportunity for training and we had to leave. Why Kiev? Because we already knew there are many places where the team can rest and train,” said Israelyan in an interview with channel Football 1.

“Naturally, we chose the considerations of price and quality. Of course, it is difficult for us. We chose Kiev is not because it is a beautiful city, the capital, and everything is good. I would love to be based in the river, in Kamenskoye the same, if it were possible. There are more there than in Kiev. Rejoice when it is possible for two or three days to bring the team to the city, so that people can see that this town has a team.”

“Now it prepare for several fields to at least the U-19 team or the reserve team are based there and even play. Did you see the Meteor field. Previously, it was not that. Thanks to the people who work there, thanks to our agronomist it has become like a field that fits all the requirements.”

“The most important moment – no one moved from thoughts to build a stadium there. It will be built. First time lasted, because it was necessary to change the project. As far as I know, a lot of work done on the plant – piles, many of which… When will construction begin thoroughly to say that it started in 6 months end – I can’t say. This is associated with financing, of course. The fact that the stadium will be completed is 100%. At the expense of those conversations that next season we will play there – I’m not sure. But I hope that by November the stadium will be ready. I don’t know how everything will fit into this period with confidence can not say.”