Belarus, dealing a new blow to the economy of Russia: Lukashenko has purchased oil from Iran and takes her through Ukraine and Latvia

In this way, the Belarusian President is trying to get rid of the very annoying he energy dependence on an arrogant “big brother”.

The official Minsk for the first time bought about 600 thousand barrels
oil released from the sanctions of Iran. Such actions have been taken by the Belarusian
side to replace supplies of black gold from the territory of the Russian
Federation, reports “Dialog

the most important deal was made between the two public companies
Belorusneft and the National Iranian oil company (NIOC).

what is more 80 thousand tons of oil Belarus was carried out through a Polish company
“Beloil Polska”.

it is reported that strategic raw materials will be delivered to the ports of Odessa (Ukraine)
and Ventspils (Latvia), from where by rail it will be forwarded to Belarus.

By the way,
because of the long gas dispute between Russia and Belarus in 2017 Moscow reduces
oil supplies to Minsk. In this regard, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko
said that his country would seek alternative sources.

in October last year, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko officially
said that his country begins oil supplies from Iran through
Ukraine, and the first tanker is on its way to Odessa.

As previously
reported, the Belarusian
the leader made it clear to the Russian dictator Putin that he was not satisfied with
conditions in the EEU, and he was tired of the Imperial policy of Moscow in relation to