A large-scale attack on the APU Donetsk and Gorlovka terrorists “DNR” in fear and panic ready to defeat the invaders very scared of the impending disaster

The terrorists are scared of the possibility of occurrence of the APU in the Donetsk area, which can result in the loss of the occupants of their positions.

In particular, we are talking about positions
have occupied Gorlovka of Donetska, reports “Dialog. UA”

According to the group “IP”,
“military intelligence” of the Donetsk militants of the first army corps “DNR” disseminates information that APU prepared
a breakthrough that will be implemented on the approaches to Gorlovka and Donetsk.

“APU alleged plan
large-scale action at the main forefront of the invaders”
– said Dmitry Tymchuk in Facebook.

Terrorists in panic, they are afraid
the fact that the Ukrainian military beat off position and the result will be a full
control by the ATO section of the route Donetsk – Gorlovka.

Earlier it was reported, carboafrica “DNR” banned the OSCE to visit Donetsk, where residents
gathered for a rally after the next attack by terrorists of residential areas.

It was also reported, clobevate due to the lack of people who were sent to the front prisoners from jails.