789bhp Ferrari 812 Superfast revealed as the most powerful production model yet

The Ferrari 812 Superfast, it was shown, how to leave the most powerful series-production model, Maranello in the company of the more than 70-year history.

The two-door is essentially a significantly improved version of the F12 Berlinetta but it uses a larger naturally aspirated engine with 6.5-Liter V12 engine and the new chassis technology of the series.

The car the unit is 234cc greater than the F12, and it 789bhp at 8500rpm and 530lb arises ft of torque at 7000rpm. That trumps even the hardcore F12tdf, a maximum of 770bhp and 520lb ft of torque.

It is the most potent front-mounted engine installation is officially a production vehicle, and it is expected that the brand expects the final pure V12 engine with hybrid assistance, or Turbo his successor.

Coupled to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and drives the rear wheels, the powertrain accelerates the 812 Superfast from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds and on to a top speed of more than 211mph. These figures are identical with the F12tdf, in spite of the 812 Superfast’s 110kg heavier dry weight of 1525kg.

Another significant change in the 812 Superfast this is in addition to the electric power steering. It is the first Ferrari with this system, and was designed to work with Ferrari’s Slide Slip Control technology-proven to improve agility in other models, such as the 488 GTB.

Also new is the second generation of the Virtual Short wheelbase. A further development of the first-Generation system used on the F12tdf, it sharpens to give the driving dynamics, faster steering times.

The 812 Superfast exterior design is significantly more aggressive than the F12, with new LED lights, a new grille and more outstanding aerodynamic properties, the most striking changes. Active aerodynamic flaps are mounted on the front to increase downforce, reduce or draw, depending on the scenario. Inside, the car gets a more angular line with an updated instrument-cluster display.

The car will go for its first public appearance at the Geneva automobile salon, if it is also in the sale.

Prices will rise slightly from the F12, which starts at £241,073.