Under the guise of patriots of Ukraine lies the enemy: the SBU established that the group in social networks “Maidan-3” and “Ukrainian revolution” is the Russian terrorist “DNR” beetle

Russian scammers have created fake accounts and pseudo-Patriotic groups in social networks, to trick honest Ukrainians.

Field investigators of SBU found out that the group of “Ψ
Mi patrati Ψ Ukraine”, “Maidan-3” (“Vkontakte”), and
“The Ukrainian revolution” (Facebook) is the militant “DNR”,
and in Ukraine, it is generally irrelevant, and is a citizen
Of the Russian Federation, reports “Dialog UA”.

trying to trigger riots in Kiev, Russia. Long
time is pulling thousands of our compatriots”, – the press-center
Security service of Ukraine.

At the briefing
in Kiev, the head of the office of the Ukrainian counterintelligence Alexander Tkachuk told
that the citizen of the Russian Federation Sergey Zhuk, born in 1981, took part in the group
“DNR “under the call sign “Moscow”.

In the present
moment fake Ukrainian patriot is located in Moscow. It is also known that Sergey
Beetle created profiles for fictional people in a social network – Stepan Mazur and Nicholas

I wonder
on February 5 this year, the beetle was placed in the group “Ukrainian
revolution” the appeal for new mass protests on Independence square.

under the patriot of Ukraine, Sergey Zhuk, using the trust of our citizens, trying
to provoke mass unrest in Kiev. From Russia actively funded
content is promoting these measures in social networks. Also Russian
urged to take up arms to protest,” – said Tkachuk.

SBU has posted a photo evidence of the involvement
Russian illegal armed groups of the pseudo “DNR”.

We will remind, SBU
anti-Ukrainian provocations that prepare the Russian invaders in the period from
18 to 22 February.

As previously
it was reported that Ukrainian law enforcers have disclosed the informant
Pro-Russian terrorists of the Bakhmut.