The state of emergency in the energy sector: Groisman and Nasalik explained what you need to be prepared to Ukrainians

A state of emergency in the energy sector the last time was introduced in 2014.

And yesterday, February 15, the Cabinet held an emergency meeting over the situation resulting from blocking coal supplies from okkupirovannoi, reports “Dialog. UA”.

A Cabinet meeting adopted a decree “On application of temporary emergency measures on the electricity market” and that, in fact, imposed a state of emergency.

After the meeting coal Minister Igor Nasalik explained that in fact for Ukrainians means this measure.

The light of the whole Ukraine will not turn off, it is only about rolling blackouts. Most vulnerable in this issue region Nasalik has not yet named, as the exact dates when exactly it will happen.

“The crisis may come in 2 weeks, maybe a month. I hope that I will be able to avoid it,”
– said the Minister.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman assured that the light will turn off consumers will begin only in extreme cases and subject to prior agreement.

The government decree on emergency measures will be in effect for one month. If necessary, the order will be extended once for the same term.

As previously reported, published a list of those regions of Ukraine, where blackouts can touch in the first place.

Cacheability blockade of Donbass, said that if rolling blackouts will start, at the headquarters of the blockade has its own response to such impermissible actions of the Ukrainian government towards its people.