Mini Clubman long-term test: connectivity overload

We know that our Clubman regular keeper, Stan Papior, would sooner be iPhone treat, a hilarious Comedy of the case is to download as an app to it, that he was not sure he would need, I thought I would take a Chance, take you through the various added connectivity options that you can use with the car.

In my opinion, you are one of the best ways that the Clubman justifies its premium status. Our test car is fitted with the £1010-Media-pack, which strengthens its infotainment system up to the ” XL ” status, and almost 9.0 in the display size, as well as the add wireless smartphone charging and something called Mini Connected XL.

The infotainment system is really very good, whether you get involved with the additional connection options or not. The primary function of the Mini Connected bit is that you have to plot navigation routes, before you get in the car and finish on foot. Sounds gimmicky, but it is impressive, if the car you are boarding the aircraft already sussed the situation and know where it goes, as soon as.

On top of that, you can download tens of online music sharing and streaming apps for in-car use, such as Spotify, Deezer and Napster. There’s an app for audio books called Audible, which I plan to use on my next long trip, a GoPro app that sync with your dashcam and a Life360 app will track your location for other members of your family.

I can’t tell my wife about the last one, but overall, I’m not sure how much more ‘connected’ you could ever want to be that your hatchback.


Price £21,810 price as tested £29,925 economy of 49.6 mpg defects, No expenses, No last seen 2.11.16

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