Huge explosion in Donetsk: terrorists “DNR” with the speed of light change the version, PE – Donetsk published evidence

This morning the occupied Donetsk heard a powerful explosion. According to preliminary information, the incident occurred in the area of the repair shop of the Donetsk state factory of chemical products in the Kuibyshev region.

The acting “mayor” of Donetsk Alexey Kulemin in the social network reported that
as of 10:00 (Kiev time) data on victims and destructions.
The reasons are established by plant management reports “Диалог.UA”.

Meanwhile, in separatist communities in the “VC” began
total cleaning messages. Initially, it was reported that it worked
Defense of terrorists, after the version change, indicating that fixed Prilep

“Worked our defenses, hit “T.” most likely splinters
explosion no one saw, fell on the territory of the plant in the district Courts,” was
specified in the “Defence of Donetsk”.

Later this entry was removed.

Now indicate that the explosion was at the plant DKZHI.
Details are specified.

Earlier “Диалог.UA” publicwelfare huge column of smoke that arose after the explosion. The headquarters of the ATO told about the attacks of the invaders Poelgeest and Sand.