Toyota Mirai hydrogen / fuel cell bug software prompts recall

Toyota Mirai remembered after the fact, as it turned out, the failure of the software could lead to strain on hydrogen fuel, transmission exceed the MPC.

Impact on a full run 2843 customer vehicles and Toyota is rolling out a software update to resolve this issue.

The representative of Toyota told Autocar has reported that this issue only occurs in exceptional cases, when the driver accelerates hard after the car was inclined for more than one minute, using cruise control.

When this happens, there is a risk of the output voltage of the fuel cell boost Converter may exceed the maximum levels, forcing the system to shut down.

In the UK, where currently, there are about 28 customers of mirais, a recall has been issued and the owners are sent individually. Customers in other regions of the world, including Japan, USA and the middle East, also offered a software update.

There are no known incidents were caused by problems, and the software update is said to completely eliminate the problem.

Mirai has a range of over 300 miles. It is priced from £66 000 in the UK.

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