Russian authorities are furious after the sudden resignation of the Pro-Kremlin adviser to trump: “This is paranoia! Russophobia has stricken the administration of the President of trump”

Resignation close to the Kremlin and personally Putin, adviser to the President of the United States trump the national security Michael Flynn caused a wave of indignation and criticism in Russia.

Russian politicians are outraged by the sudden resignation and
called the decision to fire Flynn “paranoia” and “Russophobia”. This opinion was voiced
the Chairman of the influential foreign Affairs Committee of the Federation Council
Russia Konstantin Kosachev.

Russian politician harshly criticized trump for that
he couldn’t find himself in need of independence, to resist the decision, if
this Russophobia struck the entire now team trump.

Kosachev was very upset by the fact that Flynn was
open to dialogue with Moscow and closely communicated with the Russian Ambassador in Washington.The Russian politician expressed his indignation and misunderstanding
the fact that the US presidential Advisor kicked out because Flynn liaised
and contacts with the Russian Ambassador to America.

Recall otamendi trump did a very good signal for Ukraine: politological NUSS confirmed the very bad news for Putin.