Roman Zozulya was allowed to return to the “Dnepr”, which can not accept it

But if Dnipro club will be able to negotiate with the international football organization in the novel to the end of the season get match practice at home.

FIFA has allowed the Ukrainian forward Roman Zozulya
to return to the “Dnepr”, with whom he achieved success in the Europa League
however, the Dnipro team is not allowed to make transfers, reports “Dialog UA”.

foreign media reports, the Spanish “Betis”, which owns the contract
Zozulya, offered to give the player until the end of the season in “Dnipro”, it
the former club. However, this will only be possible if FIFA allowed “Dnipro”
to say new players.

to note that last year, FIFA imposed sanctions and fined FC “Dnepr”
the ban on transfers and six standings points in the Premier League for debts
former players of the team.

At the same
time notes that if the Dnipro club will be able to negotiate with the international
football organization, the Roman Zozulya to the end of the season will get a game
practice so you will be able to play. And while the Ukrainian striker, is unfair
accused Spanish fans in Nazism, remains in limbo: listed
in the “real Betis”, but without the right to enter the field.

Recall, February 1, 2017 the Spanish “Betis” formally returned to the Ukrainian player Zozulia the signatories of the earlier contract with another Spanish club Rayo Vallecano.

After the incident with the accusation of the Ukrainian striker Nazism Rayo Vallecano refused his services, however, soon invited him to return. But Roman said he will remain in the “Betis”.

As previously reported, players of Spanish “betisa” twice formally expressed Roman Zozulya.