It became known who was behind the creation of the anti-Foundation in Britain: “main sponsor” of the campaign against the Kremlin allocates from the budget of the country 700 million pounds

Part of the British international aid budget will be assigned to the strengthening of foreign allies of London in the fight against Russia. This element of the plan, developed by Boris Johnson. The Minister of foreign Affairs appointed a 700 million pounds available in the budget for international aid 12 billion for the establishment of a Fund which will be used as a “soft” weapon against Vladimir Putin.

The Sun journal reports that the money will be spent on projects contributing to the interests of the United Kingdom abroad, in particular, parentdevice its allies such as the Baltic States and Ukraine, in their struggle with the impacts against Russia and the “Islamic state”.

It is known that funds will be spent not on weapons, and to combat extremism, especially with attacks.

According to reports, after the creation of the new Fund is Boris Johnson, who supports the intensive criticism of how money is spent from the budget for international assistance.

In December, he said: “We have a cult of the strong man. We are moving away from democracy. We must redouble our determination to protect and preserve the best of those principles, which are based on international law.”

According to a source in Wythall, the proposed solution is seen as a way to strengthen the global influence of Britain after the “breccia”.

The foreign office has not commented on this information.

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