Eduard basurin under the plant sees new “cyborgs”: “kill Him — he goes. Shooting at him — he falls, gets up, goes back”

The self-proclaimed “DNR” again, talking about the undefeated Ukrainian military, who do not die from the bullets of terrorists, and go on the attack, with complex wounds. The representative of the operational command of the “Republic” Eduard Basurin with new strength revives the myth 2014 about cyborgs.

In an interview with Russian newspaper “Izvestia” Basurin told them that the mercenaries faced undefeated fighters ATO under the plant, says “Диалог.UA”.

“All of the clip’s release, and he’s coming for you. In full growth are going to attack. Kill him — he goes. Shooting at him — he falls, gets up, goes again. While in the head not fall or the heart. Maybe without a head trying to get up and go” – with a serious expression says Bacurin.

The occupiers have even found the cause of the invincibility of the heroes of the ATO. These people, in 2014, defeating all alcoholic beverages divisions in the captured hypermarkets Donetsk, without sarcasm say that the Ukrainian military survive by “living water”.

“At the airport, found a flask with the inscription “water of life”,” – said Basurin.

After the lab of the separatists said that inside is nothing like a miraculous substance that turns off the feeling of pain and fear.

“People under the influence of this money does not fall from the shots” – not appeased the representative of the operational command of the “Republic.”

Recall, February 13 оккупанты72 times provoked the Ukrainian military in the Donbass. Meanwhile, the soldiers of the ATO topicalities hard ultimatum to his enemies.