In Ukraine there is an emergency in the energy sector – energy and “Ukrenergo” sounding the alarm

The Ministry of fuel and energy together with “Ukrenergo” applied to the Cabinet with the requirement to introduce in Ukraine a state of emergency in the electricity market.

The reason for this requirement was the lack of supply of anthracite from the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass. The activists, who carried out an economic blockade, do not let the trains with coal to Kiev-controlled territory. About this was discussed today, February 13, during the meeting of crisis energy headquarters, reports “Диалог.UA”.

According to the Minister of fuel and energy Igor Nasalik, alternatives to anthracite, which comes to Ukraine from the occupied territories, no. So he decided to take the initiative of introduction of state of emergency in the energy sector.

Head Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk supported the Minister and said if the country will introduce a state of emergency, the available coal will last about 40 days. However, it will have to reduce coal consumption by almost two times – up to 20 thousand tons per day.

Ukraine to be able to completely switch to imported anthracite will need at least 50 days, said Nasalik. However, according to the Minister, there are certain difficulties in connection with the fact that in Europe stop nuclear reactors

other countries are also actively buying anthracite.

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