In Lugansk region due to the blockade of Donbass stopped Alchevsk iron and steel works.

The company bears losses, though his staff still continue to go to work, but mostly doing renovations.

The blockade of Donbass stopped the work of Alchevsk
metallurgical plant, reported the Ukrainian mass media with reference to
a source in the leadership of the enterprise, reports “Dialog UA”

According to the source,
Alchevsk iron & steel works stopped due to lack of raw materials, which is not supplied
because of the blockade by activists of the railway.

The company
carries significant losses, although its employees still continue to go on
work, but mainly do repair work.

The city
Alchevsk is located on the territory of Luhansk oblast, controlled by Pro-Russian
the militants “LNR”.

By the way, the Director
Avdiivka coke plant, which belongs to the group
“Metinvest” Rinat Akhmetov, Musa Magomedov said that because of the blockade
Railways in the Donbas and rolling blackouts light can stay “Azovstal”,
“Zaporizhstal” steel works and other industrial plants

According to
Magomedov, rolling blackouts can cause stop coke. In this
case of coke is not enough for the production of the metal, and metallurgical plants
you can stop now.

what else in November of last year, the media reported that in Alchevsk
the metallurgical plant that employs a huge number of inhabitants
city, there are serious delays in salary payments

residents of the mining region predicted a rapid catastrophic collapse
the industry of Donbass without Ukraine.