Command of the Russian army in the Donbass was “at fault” once again to the Kremlin: “LC” sent a Commission to check corruption schemes – terrorists steal money aimed at the development of “army”

Today, February 12, the Directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine informs that the command sent from Russia to the Donbass and which directs the war against Ukraine, is suspected of embezzling money, focused on the development of terrorist teams, their equipment and weapons.

For example, a so-called second army corps of the armed forces of the Russian Federation the special Commission arrived at the command of the Kremlin of Moscow, are investigating the theft of money that was intended to restore military vehicles.

The reason for this “shakedown” in the “LC” is called dishonesty of the command, which is noticed by the Kremlin occupiers.

“Repair-renewable unit 6-th separate motorized rifle regiment, which is located in Kadievka, second army corps (Luhansk region), armed forces several times represented one refurbished BMP of the Commission as another restored unit,” – said the Ukrainian scouts.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” informed, toterrorism tried to explain to the leadership of Russia, why they are so poorly carried out the attack on Ukraine.