Battalion Prilepin bear from battle pieces: the militant “DNR” predicted a terrible end to the writer-terrorist

Fought under Debaltsevo Muscovite Andrey Morozov, known in the “learn” like an Attack cat MPD, ironically commented on the emergence in the occupied Donetsk of the writer-terrorist Zakhar Prilepin with his battalion.

In his “Letter Home,” he thanked Russia for “good
the instructor, Zahara prilepina,” writes “Диалог.UA”.

Morozov said that he had met a new “hero of the DPR” in 2015
year: then Prilepin was far removed from military Affairs and believed that Russia is not ready for full-scale
fighting. The exception, in his understanding, was exclusively nuclear

“Battalion “male” that any other infantry
battalion, live on the battlefield against the current of the APU as a single managed
unit a few hours at most. And then it will be possible to collect
the pieces, in small groups with empty pouches and shops
vyvorachivaya their wounded from the batch. Think about it, homeland. Preferably, as soon as possible. By may
dry then the earth, and it may be too late,” writes Morozov.

Referring to the Kremlin, he asks to send in the Donbass not writers-dropouts,
and real military equipment and ammunition – the mercenaries have been serious problems
“Russian humanitarian aid”.

He Prilepin says, chthon will refuse to participate in the war in Donbass and ready to kill. By the way, do terroristin perceive the writer as a terrorist ally.