How sanctions are destroying the Russian economy: the U.S. state Department published the resonance report, which showed terrible losses of the Kremlin

Economists of the US State Department said that Washington’s sanctions against Russia because of its aggression in Ukraine, are completely and achieve its primary goal.

It is reported
the official representative of US state Department, reports ЛІГА.net.

Chief economist
The us state Department Dania Academy of Sciences and Professor Rodney People published a report in which they
noted that the package of economic restrictions against Russia deprives the state
resources and income.

In particular, the common
a legal or natural person against whom such measures are directed,
loses 50% of its assets, a third in operating income and employees.

Targeted sanctions,
introduced after the annexation of Crimea, has caused damage to the nearest circle of Vladimir
Putin, the military-industrial complex and the energy sector. However, the economy
seriously injured just from falling oil prices.

Earlier, USA
and the EU adopted a new decision on serious sanctions
against the Russian Federation.