The fully electric AMG models “not impossible”

Mercedes is looking into an electric future for its AMG models, initially through hybridization, but with the prospect of AMG versions of the company, the next EQ electric sub-brand.

“I don’t think you are extreme opposites,” Ola Kallenius, Mercedes’ R&D boss, said at the Detroit auto show. “AMG has always been about the driving performance and provide customers with a superior experience, but at the same time — and I think this is the sweet spot of the AMG — these are cars that you can really drive every day. Electrification will find its way in the AMG. It’s not impossible that you’ll have a fully-electric version, or an AMG variant of EQ.”

The first electrification will be through the 48V mild hybrid system that Mercedes is set to roll out across its new generation of engines. Kallenius, in fact, confirmed that this will also make the AMG V6 and V8 engines.

In addition to this, the company is seriously considering a new range of fully electric car-high-performance, Kallenius is keen to point out that it has already produced the SLS Electric Drive, which was sold in limited numbers in 2013.

“The SLS Electric Drive is a preview of what the future might look like,” he said. “It was a research project, a know-how builder for AMG to get our heads around electrification. It is only a matter of time until we go more and more electric.”

In addition, the Formula 1 engine Project, A hypercar will include the energy recovery system of its race-winning sister. “You can’t win the world championship without a top of the electric motor,” Kallenius said.