The former commander of NATO: to weaken U.S. sanctions against Russia, which continues to kill Ukrainians in Donbas, is a sign of weakness

The ex-commander of NATO forces in Europe Philip Breedlove stated the fact that the United States would be a sign of weakness to remove or weaken the sanctions against the Russian Federation.

The main goal of the Russian Federationstate to weaken NATO, the European Union and transatlantic relations. This opinion viskazalas-chief of NATO forces in Europe Philip Breedlove.

“It would be a sign of weakness, if we weaken the sanctions before Russia will fulfill the terms of the Minsk agreements”, – he said

According to him, economic sanctions against Russia were introduced to encourage the Kremlin to the execution of obligations under the Minsk agreements. U.S. General added, they need to the Russian Federation has left permanently the territory of Donbass.

We will remind,the Washington Post reports, chosomatic the US President hinted at the abolition of sanctions against Russia for a month before the inauguration of the trump.