The Director of “Matilda” finds it unacceptable to take time prosecutors checks movies

Moscow. 9 Feb. INTERFAX – Checking feature films in the Prosecutor’s office will provoke a “terrible wave”, said the Director Alexey Uchitel.

“When a man, himself a lawyer, validates the Prosecutor’s office, I think we touch and move some of the wild wave. Now everyone can write to any MP on any film, play, book. What? The Prosecutor’s office should do? We provoke a terrible wave,” said A. the Teacher in the TV channel “Russia-24” (VGTRK).

Earlier the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya appealed to the Prosecutor General with a request to conduct an audit in respect of the film “Matilda”. In her opinion, the film contains scenes that may offend the feelings of believers. St. Petersburg Prosecutor’s office, however, had earlier conducted an inspection and no violation of law revealed. Subsequently, the Deputy said he intends to send to the Prosecutor General repeated the request.

“With regard to MS Poklonskaya, I’m ready to meet her any second, to discuss, to show her the picture. If she finds something objectionable, talk. Can not find a common language, and can be, and you will find it. Why download this most difficult, most crucial state on the Prosecutor’s office, that kind of thing? What other things to do there?” asked by A. Teacher.

He is convinced that “the film is all will say for myself”. “I am ready to accept criticism, comment, but when the movie is released. All other talk is pointless,” says the Director.

A. the Teacher expressed surprise that no questions arose at the very beginning, when he “spoke openly of what the picture”.

“I am confident that reason will prevail anyway. I hope that people who write threatening letters, find and act on relevant laws. It should be stopped”, – concluded the Director.

On Wednesday, attorney A. Teacher Konstantin Dobrynin told “Interfax” that on behalf of the Director was sent two statements to the Prosecutor General addressed to Yuri Chaika.

As reported, the organization “the Christian state of Holy Russia” was sent to the cinemas of the letter, which says that any banner, poster, flyer, with information about hire “Matilda” will be regarded as a desire to humiliate the saints and a provocation to the “Russian Maidan.” The authors have promised to take “methods of dealing with lawlessness and madness” and said that just sent over a thousand letters home addresses of the Directors of the theaters and their legal addresses.

In the film, which is scheduled for October, tells about the relationship of the last Russian Emperor and ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya.