Lobi returned to the General group

At the end of January it was reported that 20-year-old href=”http://football.ua/ukraine/325923-lobajj-treniruetsja-individualno.html” on the individual program. Due to injury, centreback missed the end of the first collection and the beginning of the second.

“I had a minor problem with the leg, so I missed the first camp and five days the second. Just yesterday started training already in the group. Worked with nurse individual program, doing special exercises for quick recovery”, — quotes LOBA official website of the Carpathians.

“In the morning match against Shakhtar Donetsk played 60 minutes, came to the second match is a little tired, it was hard to get into the game. Did not expect that will be released on the evening match, but it so happened that there was someone to replace Nesterova, so the coach let me out”.

“It was hard enough physically, it’s still not quite ready for large volume loads. But you need to gather an optimum form, very soon will begin the championship,” — concluded the defender.

On account of 20-year-old stopper 17 matches and 1 goal in the Premier League.