Volvo 2018 XC40 – the first sighting of the future Audi Q3 rival

In 2018, Volvo XC40 start of the winter tests ahead of its launch in 2018 as a competitor to Audi Q3, Mercedes Benz GLA and BMW x1.

Future small SUV, the Volvo takes inspiration from the concept 40.1, which was revealed in pictures last year and will make its public debut at the Geneva motor show 2017.

The concept from a different angle, the trunk and Butch nose design can be seen on the spotted car development XC40, suggesting it will take other characteristics of the concept, including new designs of light at both the front and rear.

A big part of camouflage ahead of the car C-pillars also hints at the custom window line which is more like an angled one that was seen on the concept.

The new XC40 will be the first Volvo to use the compact modular brand Architecture (CMA) that will lie still for several models of Volvo and its parent company Geely for the Chinese market model.

In addition, the XC40 will introduce a new modular 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine that is derived from the existing Volvo four-cylinder 2.0-liter petrol and diesel units. The engines will come as diesel and gasoline variants, with turbo and without.

Top of the range XC40 will be a gasoline engine, Plug-in hybrid (phev) name two Engine T5. This includes the diesel version of the 180 HP of the new three-cylinder engine, supported by a 74bhp electric motor.

On front-wheel-drive Hybrid will be the seven-speed automatic transmission with double clutch, which also receives direct input from the electric motor. The hybrid is capable of driving up to 30 miles in all-electric mode.

Given its place in the segment of compact SUV XC40 is likely to be priced competitively against its rivals, who at all costs from just £25,000. High performance XC40s can also be considered as rivals to the Rover Evoque, which costs from £30,600.

In XC40 will come as the first of three 40-series is the series that eventually will include the V40 hatchback and V40 assets from 2019. The latest car will be available in both regular and more robust cross-country guises.