The President of the FJC very surprised by the accusations against Rabbi Sochi, but hopes for a positive outcome

Moscow. 7 Feb. INTERFAX – the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia (FJC), wondering about the accusations that were filed recently with the Sochi Rabbi Arieh Edelkopf.

On the eve it became known that Rabbi faces deportation. On his page in the social network A. Edelkopf reported that he was charged under subparagraph 1 paragraph 1 article 7 of the law “On legal status of foreign citizens in Russia” (speech for a violent change of the constitutional system of Russia, the creation of other threats to the security of the Russian Federation or its citizens).

“We are very surprised by the nomination of such allegations against the Rabbi. Historically, the Jews, and especially rabbis, adhere to the principle of “Dina-de Malchut Dina” – “the Law of the state of the law”, involving complete obedience to the law”, – said the correspondent of “Interfax-Religion” on Tuesday, the President of the FJCR Alexander Beard.

According to him, it is puzzling that the essence of the claims to Rabbi A. Edelkopf still not announced.

“I don’t think we are talking about manifestations of anti-Semitism. Soon someone from the local officials decided to put a “tick” in the next report on combating illegal migration”, – said A. Beard.

He said that currently the FJC conducts a dialogue with the authorities with the aim to resolve the problem around the Rabbi of Sochi. As for the legal support, it was decided that it will deal with the Sochi lawyer, longtime Rabbi A. Edelkopf.

In General, the President of the FJC is optimistic about the outcome of the situation, noting that the Federation of Jewish communities “a good record of cooperation with authorities at all levels”.

“Over the years of our collaboration communities was returned to a synagogue or gratuitously allocated land for the construction of new community centers. The construction of a Jewish Museum in Moscow personally supported President Vladimir Putin, and the achievements open within the Museum and tolerance Center are actively used in the fight against xenophobia in Russia”, – says A. Beard.

Acknowledging that “from time to time” in relations with the authorities “there were controversial cases,” the head of the Federation of Jewish communities said that “always managed to find a solution acceptable to all.”

“We will respect any court decision to be made on the basis of the law”, – concluded A. Beard.

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