The President of Mexico, proudly refused to meet with trump media

Mexican President peña Nieto cancelled a scheduled summit with Donald trump, despite the unprecedented fall in their rankings. The Mexicans have already supported the decision of their leader.

In recent years the popularity of Nieto fell to a 4-year-old
the minimum, however, this fact did not prevent him to cancel the meeting with the new head
The white house says “Диалог.UA”
with reference to “Russian conversation”.

The company Buendia & Laredo released a survey and found that 64%
respondents from thousands of respondents 2 to 7 February of Mexicans approve of the decision
Peña Nieto.

The Mexican leader made an important decision after a series of
of trump’s statements. So, the billionaire said that he did not want to meet
with a colleague, if the Mexican government won’t pay for construction work between
countries. Trump also said he will increase the tax on Mexican goods,
entering the US markets.

Despite the strong-willed decision, a rating of Nieto continued to fall.
Now his politics are dissatisfied 74% of the population of Mexico.

Raniere disown cooperation with the Kremlin and said that he had no business interests in Russia. Meanwhile, experts say nalichii in the team of the new President of the United States adherents of friendship with Moscow.