It’s never ran! In Uglegorsk local fans of “DNR” dozens of deserting from the front: the source spoke about the reasons for the betrayal

In recent days, dozens of supporters “Russian world” who have taken up arms and defected to the side of the invaders, fleeing from the front. The number of deserters in the sector of Milk – Kalinovka – Lozova was not in the history of the ATO.

On his page in Facebook the doctor from the zone ATO Alexander Chernov says that the local
separatists in Uglegorsk “sits
battery -”.

“Occupied vuhlehirsk, a frontline sector:
Milk – Kalinovka – Lozovo – dozens of “local” orcs last days
run with the best! Never(!) in this sector did not run! Even the capture of Uglegorsk 2 years ago, when
disposed of up to 200 orcs, mostly from the local…”, – said Chernov.

According to him, betrayal “of the ideals of the Russian world”
contributed to several factors.

“Fatigue coupled with pragmatic expectations deceived,
many people are not fueled by “Ruska” ideology; another special
the fatalistic statement Baturina and greatest in the autumn of 2015 disturbing
whispering, “commanders” that the APU crowds and in style kamikaze
it’s going to attack, and it is on debaltseve; non-small-loss 1.5
months in this sector”, – commented on the situation Chernov.

The Donetsk offers official Kiev is now disabled in
Uglegorsk Russian channels and a freeze on all under the control of Kiev
local enterprises salary “before liberation”.

Earlier it was reported, torossi is going to attack Ukraine
Europe and the United States, armed with inflatable tanks and missiles. Meanwhile, in the OSCE in
once respectivly the presence of the Russians in the conflict zone in the Donbass.