In Marinka drunk monster raped the mother in front of little children and beat them, the police told the details of the brutal crime

In Donetsk region the drunk resident of Maryinka, at gunpoint, raped several times by her neighbor. Female children, 4 and 5 years, become unwitting witnesses the terrible abuse suffered by their mother.

The crime occurred yesterday, January 6th. And yesterday, the offender was detained. About it reports a press-service of the Donetsk police, reports “Диалог.UA”.

As told to police, 23-year-old woman was returning home from the store and noticed that she followed the drunk man, who lived near her. She was not personally acquainted with him, but often seen on the street.

The woman said that he came to her house, started to grab her by the hair and raped her. Children, seeing as mocking their mother, began to yell. However, the man threatened to rape or kill them if they don’t shut up. That day the husband of the victim was at work, so nobody could a woman and her children to help. The offender is not released from the mother with the children from the home, threatened with firearms and a knife. When the children tried to approach the mother, and beat them over the head, the older boy broke his nose.

From 14 to 21 PM, a 42-year-old man repeatedly raped the woman and beat her children, and then fell asleep. The mother of the sons ran away and hid in a neighbor’s toilet, after sitting there almost all night. Just noticing that the monster was gone, they were able to return home. She told my husband that in the morning he returned from work.

The couple contacted the police, but it turned out that the culprit escaped. But they found him yesterday, he managed to go to Kharkov, where he tried to escape from the police.

While the police opened criminal proceedings under article for rape. Alas, the punishment under this article provides imprisonment for the term up to five years.

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