The head of the Syrian Ministry of religious Affairs promises the participation of the Department in the discussion of the draft of the new Constitution

Damascus. 6 Feb. INTERFAX – the Ministry of Syria for religious Affairs expressed their willingness to participate in the work on the draft of the new Syrian Constitution.

“Of course, we have read this document, we follow closely all the steps taken to resolve the Syrian crisis,” – said the Minister of religious Affairs of Syria Mohammad Abdelsattar al-said on Monday, answering a question of Deputy of the state Duma Alexander Yushchenko.

He added that the Ministry is ready to participate in the drafting of a new Constitution, adding that all efforts and the state Duma and the Russian President Vladimir Putin aimed at resolving the Syrian problem in different ways.

On Monday, the delegation of state Duma deputies headed by the coordinator of the parliamentary friendship group, Dmitry Sablin arrived in Damascus, where he spent a number of meetings, including those involved in the meeting with the Minister of religious Affairs of Syria, attended by representatives of all religious denominations in the Republic. In the meeting participated the head of the Duma group on the protection of Christian valuables Sergey Gavrilov.