The government of Canada sent an expedition to investigate the strange hum in the Arctic waters, which made all the animals to leave this place

Mysterious drone that violated the peace of the inhabitants of the coastal regions of Canada, comes directly from the water. With his appearance, the locals attributed the further disappearance of birds, fish and animals in the area.

Unknown hum occurs and
periodically lost, regardless of time of day or day of the month. Impossible
to install the system in its appearance and determine its source, reports the publishing house”Russian conversation”.

Mysterious underwater
the buzz occurs in the Strait of the fury and Hecla separating one of the Islands from
the Melville Peninsula.

Given the constant complaints
coming from the coastal areas of the country, the canadian authorities sent to explore
this phenomenon of the military-scientific expedition.

The purpose of this expedition is to identify the source of a mysterious
underwater rumble and the communication between him and the disappearance of many species
representatives of the animal world, living previously in these areas.

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