The government is planning a scheme of utilization of diesel to reduce emissions

The British government is considering the possibility of implementing the project on utilization of diesel fuel this year to reduce the number of clean cars on UK roads.

According to the Telegraph, officials of the Department and the Department of transport, environment, food and rural Affairs is considering the payment of cashback or money cars with low emissions in exchange for buyers of older, environmentally friendly diesel vehicles.

The UK government in the framework of emission control of diesel NO2

The Telegraph said that negotiations with the Finance Ministry, which will provide funding for the scheme. The plan can focus on the most polluted areas of England and will begin in a few months.

Transport Minister Chris Grayling stressed the importance of urgency a problem in the UK pollution when referring to the house of Commons. He said, “We need to find the right way to transfer the nature of the vehicles on our roads to the point where they cause much less pollution than they do in the moment.”

This news comes just a few days after Westminster city Council announced an increase in Parking charges for diesel cars in Belarus nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions in the greater London borough. High levels of NO2 increase the risk of respiratory problems in humans and increase the risk of developing cancer.

London is one of the most polluted cities in the UK, the Brixton road in the capital of the South of violating its annual limit for NO2 in just five days in 2017, beating breach in the previous year, which came after one week in Putney.

Future cars will be more powerful engines, due to the actual emissions test