Pence explained the words of three judges overturned the decree on immigration

0198483 AVS Vice-President Michael Penny.

The host of the telecast, which will be fully shown on Sunday, Pence was asked to comment on the statement by trump, who called accepted the decision of James Robart of the “so called judge”. He also asked whether this undermines the behavior of the head of state the Constitution and the idea of separation of the authorities.

“I don’t think so,’ replied Pence. — I believe that the American people are very well accustomed to the fact that the President says what he wants and does it very openly”.

According to the Vice-President, “trump has made it clear that our administration puts the safety of the American people in the first place.” “Adopted a decree suspending immigration from the seven countries have problems with terrorism… was correct. And our administration intends to use all legal means to resist the judgement passed by the judge,” said Pence.

Earlier on Saturday it became known that the Department of homeland security (DHS), the United States has suspended all actions to implement the immigration Ordinance trump.

The decree trump the protection of the United States from terrorism should not be allowed in the country of radical Islamists. Document suspends the reception of refugees from Syria — for an indefinite period of 120 days. Also 90 days is prohibited entry to citizens of countries of “particular concern” — according to the media, we are talking about Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

The decree provoked a mixed reaction both in the US and in the world community. Members of the U.S. Senate from the Democratic party intend to introduce a bill that will overturn the decree. The attorneys General of 15 U.S. States called the decision of trump’s “illegal”.

In the evening last Friday, Federal judge James Robart in Seattle ordered the U.S. administration to partially halt the execution of the decree of the President about immigration restrictions. The judge suspends the decree throughout the country.