The Kremlin will no longer be “led by the nose” Belarus – Lukashenko made an important statement

Minsk made a statement saying that the agreement on gas price Russia is playing a double game. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told how his deceiving Russia.

During the press conference, which was held on 3
February, Alexander Lukashenko said that Russia and Belarus can’t
to reach agreement about the cost of “blue fuel”, reports “Диалог.UA”.

“Gas is not agreed. We decided to pay 107
dollars, not 132. And they are demanding the return of $ 550 million – outraged
the leader of Belarus. – Had a meeting with Putin, he was asked to take Medvedev. I
promised. Comes Medvedev, brings to the table for the outbreak of this situation.
Like, we’ll compensate the shortfall in income from the budget. I say what I
the difference is, money does not smell, I agree. Call Putin, saying thank you,
agreed. I just Semashko, the order is not given. But then again — nothing.”

The Kremlin, using its next illogical tactics
connected to the negotiations on the gas issue in the Church. Lukashenko said that
met with Patriarch Kirill and discuss with him the price of gas. “Met
with the Patriarch, sat until 2 a.m., discussing gas. What is 500 million
for “Gazprom”? Why they behave like that? You that “Gazprom”
more expensive than the state” – outraged the head of Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko said that he regarded it as
mockery: “I wrote from the hands of Putin: we do not need to go that route.
The people closest to me begin to tear up turnip”.

Earlier, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko made
a resonant statement about chemins decided to abandon the Russian
oil after a short of blackmail on the part of the Russian Federation.

Lukashenka also said sharply, the Russian leader
Vladimir Putin, crowsnest insolent behavior of the Kremlin in relation to their