The expert from the United Kingdom have filed a lawsuit against the portal BuzzFeed, in the case of a dossier on trump

MOSCOW, 4 Feb — RIA Novosti. Russian technical expert Alexei Gubarev has filed a lawsuit against the portal BuzzFeed for the mention of his name in published media report that the Russian authorities were allegedly able to collect compromising material on the President elect of the United States Donald trump, according to Politico.

According to the newspaper, workers are demanding compensation in the amount of not less than 15 thousand dollars in damages.

Reportedly, the resource apologized and removed your name from the published “file”. “We have removed the name of Mr. Gubarev from the published dossier and apologize for what he added it”, — quotes the edition of words of the representative of BuzzFeed’s Matt Pattengale.

Earlier it was reported that Aleksei Gubarev denied any links with the Russian intelligence calls these accusations false. Earlier in mass media appeared information that the FSB allegedly forced Gubarev and another expert in the field of cyber attacks to cooperate through blackmail. It was noted that he denied any threats or blackmail attempts against him.

An anonymous report on this subject was published online by BuzzFeed, and later the Wall Street Journal wrote that the report was compiled by a private firm in the field of security, which is based in London. The Kremlin responded that Russia does not collect information on anyone. The trump categorically denied attempts to discredit him in the press and stated that we are talking about “fake news”. He also stated that the incriminating evidence — the handiwork of his political opponents, and compared the campaign to discredit him with the “order Nazi Germany”. Trump takes office of US President on January 20.