Bokhashvili: “Markevitch was advised to step on my pride and go in movement”

This winter, the 24-year-old forward left the Dnieper river and became a free agent. Bokhashvili tried your hand at Marseille, but went to the Donetsk club. In total, the footballer appeared in the ambitious second-League movement.

Other options for a career and the role of Markevich in the transition Bokhashvili in movement:

“I had another option abroad, but it is not so well-known championship. Although the money was offered more than the movement and even many Premier League teams. I was lucky that I was contacted by Myron Markevich, and then the President Rukh Gregory Kozlovsky. Markevich told me a little bit to step on your pride and the level that they were before, and play under his control to resume the previous level. There are all conditions for football, which are the envy of many teams League”.

“Besides, Myron Bohdanovych often attends training movement, and they are guided by his former assistant Smith. Coach Rukh Ruslan Mostovoy is also well-known people. Here is literally the word Markevych: “it is Better to take a step back, then two forward.” Myron Bogdanovich says he has a feeling that I need a little torment, to be patient, but work hard to return to the previous level. Now in Ukraine such a League that the movement is not particularly different from the teams First or even the Premier League”.

“Yes, people are frightened that I went to the Second League, but then the problem is very serious. The President made a wonderful base and conditions for training. Six months later, many players will start here to ask. At this time I just signed the contract. Initiated my transition into the movement was not I, and not the President of the club, namely, Markevich. He personally wanted to see me in here under my control and responsibility. He persuaded me”.

On the level of the opponents in the Second League:

“It depends not only on the teams that play in the Second League. The movement employs a professional trainer with considerable experience. Working with them, I will start to grow. To me the important thing is to play and not to reduce itself to the requirements in the training process. The Second League is quite a bit different from the Premier League”.

On signing a short contract (six months):

“If all goes well, the team in six months will be released in the First League. There will be different demands on the players and the team. I for these half a year will look and how it will develop. Markevich told me that I did not want six months to go. You know, I came to the Second League with the Premier League and can’t sign a contract for long lines. The team with the prospects, but want to see what and how. The President said that after six months it will be the task of getting into the Premier League. If I’m satisfied the requirements of the club and the movement my level, I will remain.”

The functions of the squad in the movement:

“Heavy question. I still do not fully understand what role the movement plays Markevich. He is from the Vinnikov and often comes to watch the training. And what he certainly does not say — don’t know.”

About the financial component in the transition to movement:

“No, finances were not something in the third, and the fifth plan. Other clubs have offered the best Finance. I came to the movement, not in order to earn money, and return to your level, which will allow me to play in a stronger League and the team.”

About the level of the base movement:

“If someone does not believe, let him come and see what the conditions here. Only 4-5 teams in the Premier League can compete with such terms. The rest is very much inferior. Here is the base, all to recover, good enough equipment, field. There is everything for a good European team.”

About the salaries in the team:

“It does not matter to me. I don’t know all the salaries in the Premier League and in the movement. I will answer for myself that other teams of top clubs wages higher than here. Maybe the people who were in the movement before, and earned a lot. Such a question can ask the President or the leadership. But I’m definitely not here for the money”.

To reduce the level of the game:

“I had a contract with this club as the Dnieper, and get out there playing practice on my position very seriously, although I went on-loan. For example, very nice to have my rent in the Carpathian mountains. Think the year went for me. Of course, it turned out bad rent in Volyn, but you know… Maybe in Volhynia depended on me, and maybe not from me. As fate has it, to return what was gained before.”

Receivables from the Dnieper:

“I have no claims to the Dnieper. Have or don’t have — for me now it doesn’t matter”.