“Dnipro” has found a sponsor: the former player is ready to Finance the team under certain conditions

The owner of a famous Ukrainian football club Dnipro is ready to become a former footballer and now a businessman Eduard Sleep, living in France.

The former midfielder and striker Dnipro Dnipro
Eduard Sleep, which now has its own business in France, ready to take
Finance team on certain conditions, reports “Dialog UA”.

the journalist reports from the Dnieper Alexander Petrov, the former coach Juande Ramos
and his assistants received a portion of their salaries in hryvnia at the rate of 1:8. However, when
the dollar rose to 25 hryvnia, the club’s owner Ihor Kolomoyskyi refused to pay and
suggested a compromise. The Spanish coach did not go for it, Kolomoisky refused
to pay to the Spaniards, began the trial, which affected in
the first place team.

the issue with the owner of Dnipro club “stuck
in the air.””Dnepr” can
take 52-year-old businessman Eduard Sleep, former player of the club, a Kazakh who is now
lives in France. But he has one condition: he is willing to Fund “Dnepr”
scratch – without the repayment of debts of the old owners.

Sleep played for “Dnepr” from 1988 to 1991: played 135 matches in
which he scored 44 goals.

It should be noted that Kolomoisky also
finances the team “Neftyanik-Ukrneft”, which has no material
problems. There is an option that is Dnipro in the Premier League will be Okhtyrka
the team that can move into the Dnieper. It may be called “Dnepr petroleum”.

in the season 2014/2015 “Dnepr”
reached the Europa League final, losing there to the Spanish “Seville” with account
2:3. After that, the team suffered the sanctions associated with nonpayment
debts coaching staff Ramos, there was arrears of salary,
the team was disqualified from European competition, after which there began to scatter players.

earlier it was reported, a legend of the club “Dnepr” Vladimir Fierce accused
the problems of the team and its owner Igor Kolomoisky.