“Criticized me, laughed with trump? Now I’m the President, bail it!”: the President of the United States trump criticized The New York Times and the Washington Post, calling them “factory fakes”

The President of the United States of America Donald trump once again criticized the media, saying that they often publish fake information about its activities, avoiding serious errors on the individual.

The head
of state wrote in his Twitter, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Trump wrote that,
for example, The New York Times from the very beginning was wrong about him –
wrote that he will lose the primaries and the elections. In the Washington Post was
the same “fakes”. Therefore, they should at least apologize to
your readers.

He also noted,
that media as previously did not understand trump, and now it
do not understand.

Recall that on his
the first press conference, trump called CNN”factory fakes”. Journalists authoritative
television the answer is also “pricked” trump posted a video where he cursed on what light
worth, the Russian Federation.