A shocking crime in Mariupol: relatives of the killed separatists “DNR” stole mother’s infant son and took him to the occupied Donetsk

10-year-old schoolboy kidnapped relatives grandma and grandpa, despicable using had power of attorney for the child.

And the boy stole
straight from the yard of the school, without notifying his mother that they took the grandson, according to
“Dialog. UA”.

The woman raised the alarm, when today, 31
Jan, her son has not returned from school, and after a while, around 14:00,
phone the mother of the missing boy the unknown called and reported that her son
located in okkupirovannoi.

Militiamen found out that using
previously issued power of attorney, the child was taken by his grandparents and taken
using PPC s. Food.

The mother then called the boy’s grandfather and
categorically stated that the child will now live and study in the occupied

The woman previously lived with her son and
husband militants in Donetsk, her husband was a separatist, he served in the
gangs. He was killed in August 2016.

Woman after the death of her husband left with our son
on the territory controlled by Ukraine and eventually settled in the peace

As previously reported, in Kiev from
material have abducted 4-year-old granddaughter of former Deputy.

Also we will remind that fighters of one of
volunteer battalions kidnapped a young boy to extort money and
made him dig his own grave.