The liberation of debaltseve: the legendary Atoshnik answered that will help APU to conduct a successful cleanup, it is necessary to take only one action

A veteran of ATO and the former second-in-command of a tank company, which defended the Sands, Ivan Macounii believes that the APU can easily liberate debaltseve, even taking by storm the captured terrorists of the city.

For the full release of this
part of the occupied territorialness, will be sufficient to isolate the occupants
from all the “benefits of civilization”, the terrorists staging a full blockade,
reports “Диалог.UA”.

After that, the occupiers will start
try to escape from Debaltsevo, as it was not time the release of other
cities in the Eastern part of Ukraine.

Macounii said that the militants
enough to cut off the supply of everything they need.

“This will cause certain
excitement among the local population, and as a consequence civilians slowly
themselves begin to drive screw those militants. But
occupants even this can not wait, will try independently and quietly
to get out of the environment of the APU. They do not hold for the population as for those whom they
“released”. They hold themselves. So will try to get out of
city,” – says the veteran of the ATO.

After that fighters will eliminate the need to take an assault on the city begins,
according to Macounova, quiet street cleaning without
the use of active warfare.

As previously reported, ATO forces method
“creeping attack” uzenzele in the so-called semiring in the area of Debaltsevo and approached the occupied Horlivka.

Also it became known about new heights APU on the arc Svetlodarsk, which conquered the soldiers of the ATO.