Media called the amount in which Germany manages immigration crisis

MOSCOW, 27 Jan — RIA Novosti. The Federal government last year spent about 21.7 billion euros to address the migration crisis, this year from the budget for these purposes will be allocated 21.3 billion euros, the newspaper Zeit, citing published by the Ministry of Finance report.

According to the publication, in 2016, only to fight the causes of the migration crisis, the German government spent 7.1 billion euros. In addition, Germany has tripled the size of the funds for humanitarian aid to crisis regions, in addition has allocated 1.4 billion euros. Reception, registration and accommodation of those wishing to obtain refugee status have left 1.4 billion, the integration of newcomers into German society — still 2.1 billion. Social transfers on the process of consideration of applications for temporary asylum or refugee status has cost the state 1.7 billion euros. The länder and municipalities, the government has provided € 9.3 billion as direct assistance in terms of influx of migrants.

The number of migrants who have sought refuge in 2016 in Germany amounted to 280 thousand people, reported in the Ministry of interior of Germany. In 2015, the country was visited by 890 thousand refugees.

Europe is experiencing the largest since the Second world war the migration crisis in the first place, next to armed conflicts and economic problems in the Middle East and North Africa.