Under Potemkin stairs in Odessa found a human head, arms and torso of the skeleton

A few fragments of the skeleton found was in a pile of garbage. They found workers who are engaged in works on cleaning of the arched galleries of the stairs. Human remains were spotted by the street of Primorsko.

In a press-service GU
Nicoletiidae region said that the found upper body
man, namely, head, hands and other body parts, reports “Dialog.

To establish who exactly
belonged to a corpse – male or female, is impossible.

In place of discovery
terrible findings went investigative team of Primorsky Department
police. Fragments of human bones sent to the appropriate

How long have lain
the corpse will be found out by the experts.

Earlier it was reported that in
Saint-Petersburg Naberezhnyye discovered the bodies of a woman and two men.

In addition, Khmelnytskyi
region Antonelli in the burnt corpses of a young boy and a girl.