BMW i driver-less tech to reach wider range of 2021

Autonomous technology, developed by BMW’s i division for the first driverless car begins to trickle into the brand’s wider range of models from 2021, BMW senior vice president, Hildegard Wortmann, said Autocar.

In the run-up to the January WhatCar? Awards, Wortmann said, this trickle technique was used to integrate electric technology from the i3 and i8 in almost every model in the BMW line-up. “BMW has the largest number of plug-in hybrids on the road,” she said. “You can use a plug-in hybrid from the [series 2] Active Tourer 7-series, so that in each segment, we have an offer on the street today.”

Wortmann explained that the disclosure of EV technology, the wider bandwidth does not mean more is, the division is bound to electric drives. You said that the I-brand’s core focus was now on the development of Autonomous systems.

“With BMW i, the I said non – electrically, otherwise it would be a e-the” i “stands for innovation and incubator function,” she said. “We have always said, the first-generation BMW, I would be focused on the incubator function for the electric mobility, but the BMW I want to move, and you will see that in our 2021 car.

Wortmann said that in addition to the year 2021, this pattern would be more technology with the next phase of the. “They[the she continued I-brand] are always for the latest, very special things”. “It gives us a great opportunity to go with cool stuff, without, to the wider range immediately.

“If we, the i-brand was launched, the focus was on Evt. Now it is for Autonomous technology, but after that the focus will be.”