Trump has demanded an “extensive investigation” of violations of the election

The President believes that in the vote was attended by millions of illegal immigrants

The US President Donald trump said he wants to conduct a “massive investigation” of irregularities in the November presidential election again stating that the votes of millions of illegal immigrants cost him victory on the results of universal suffrage.

Trump announced his plans Tuesday morning on Twitter: “I will ask to conduct a large-scale investigation into election irregularities, including instances of voting in two States, voting illegal immigrants and even of registered voters who are already dead (and many have been). Based on the results of the investigation we will be able to improve the electoral process.”

As has told on Tuesday to journalists the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, trump still believes that 3-5 million illegal immigrants voted for his rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton. Yesterday the President once again voiced his suspicions at a reception for congressional leaders.

“He still adheres to such opinion,” said Spicer, did not submit any evidence of voter fraud. When reporters asked him what proof is there trump, Spicer added: “He already thinks so, based on information available to it”.

However, representatives of the electoral bodies, analyzing the November elections, came to the conclusion that almost no evidence of violations there, at least not on such a scale, which says trump.

During a briefing at the White house on Tuesday, several journalists asked Spicer why, if the President believes that the election was such a large fraud, he does not start the investigation in this case.

Spicer replied that trump is confident of victory in the electoral College and wants to focus on fulfilling campaign promises. When the conversation again came to the alleged violations, Spicer said that in the future can be investigated.

The speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan told voters that he saw no evidence of large-scale election irregularities. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said that violations do happen, adding: “on both sides there is always controversy about how many of these violations, how frequently they occur, and so forth.”

The Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham, one of the opponents trump in the fight for the Republican presidential nomination, urged the President to stop repeating the allegation, adding that if he has evidence of fraud, “he should tell us why he thinks they were”.